Triple-card poker 13 Cards Poker is one of AMB Poker from PG SLOT’s most popular card games.

However, with the allure of these three card stacks 13 Cards Poker is a well-known card game in Thailand, prompting gamblers to seek out and try to locate a betting site where they can play this game 100% safely, without the use of agents. This three-pile was inspired by Poker and Caeng. To date, this card game has attracted more than 100,000 participants per day, indicating its continued popularity.

Instructions for Playing Three Stacks 13 Cards Poker 13 Cards Poker

Three piles of 13 Cards Poker / Super Ace, often known as 13 cards, need each player to receive 52 cards at the beginning of the game. There must be at least two and no more than four players, and each player is dealt thirteen cards. Then, each person in the game reveals his or her card. The deck is separated into three piles. Each pile consists of five, five, and three cards, with the lowest order at the bottom. And the card with the highest value is the one atop the pile of three.

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The principle of stacking three decks of playing cards

Royal Straight Flush = The hand must have the following sequence of cards: 10-J-Q-K-A, all of the same suit.

Straight Flush = Numbers are aligned and must correspond to the suit of the hand.

Four Cards = Four identical cards in a single hand. The blooms should not be identical.

Full house equals two pair

Flush is the possession of five similar blooms.

Straight = hand of five cards Every flower blade is unique.

Tong is three identical cards.

Two identical cards are a pair.

The card with the highest value is the A, while the card with the lowest value is the 2. order of cards from lowest to highest The numbers are 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A.

Regulations for the 13 Card Poker game

Three 13-Card Poker stacks are organized in a 3-5-5 pattern, with the top row comprising three cards and requiring the lowest total. The middle row must include a minimum of five cards, more than the top row but fewer than the bottom row. And the bottom row must have the most points compared to the middle and upper rows. Three 13 Card Poker stacks are divided into three rows: top, middle, and bottom. The row with the highest score must be at the bottom. How to play real-money card games

The majority of players are renowned as four-card players. Ornamental or coordinated card play The middle or second row will include less points than the bottom row. But must have more points than the top row, like the lower four rows. There must be four cards or barking cards in the main row. If there is a straight alignment, the confirm button cannot be pressed. If the time has expired, the system will automatically transmit the message. Typically, the top row is reserved for a pair of cards. or, even better, a hand with three hands. Nonetheless, if the player does not receive a decent hand during that game, you may immediately place high cards.

Payout percentages for 13 Card Poker

The odds at three card game betting tables are numerous. with inexpensive tables or starting costs Can be compared in the table below.

Five tables with at least 750 participants

10 tables with at least 1,500 participants

Minimum of 20 tables and 3,000 players

50 tables with at least 7,500 participants

100 tables with at least 15,000 participants

200 tables with at least 30,000 participants

500 tables with at least 75,000 participants

1,000 tables with at least 150,000 participants


Observation: The rate of return is 0.97

Consequently: 13 Cards Poker game review

13 Cards Poker or thirteen cards is a card game in which the player’s winnings are computed depending on the amount of money wagered and the number of points earned. The greater the score of the player. the greater your earnings, 13 Cards Poker matches the experience of playing in a real casino, in addition to offering online card games. The game is designed to be as stable as possible. Maintain mobile phone and laptop online access at all times. This improves the game with a computational engine that enables the game to function as swiftly, smoothly, and precisely as possible. in order to aid the players PGSLOTAUTO.GAME Who are looking for the best, most profitable, and highest quality card games can join LINE@ and obtain unique promotions and incentives, such as receiving free credits to win daily 10 baht up to 500 baht.

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